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DBReport is a Xojo (formerly known as Realbasic) component to create, edit and print reports in runtime; unlike Xojo Report which is good enough for simple reporting from databases, however don’t have an editor in runtime, formulas, parameters and other features.

Main features

  • Edit report in runtime.
  • Report definition to .xml or String (to save in a DB field).
  • Preview of report.
  • View dataset of records.
  • Width, height, margins set or import from printer.
  • Report Header, Report Footer, Page Header, Pager Footer and group bands.
  • Labels, fields, lines, rectangles, images, charts (bar, line,pie), barcodes.
  • Sum, count and subtotal functions.
  • Formulas.
  • Parameters.
  • SubReports.


DBReport is pure Xojo (RealBasic) code, don't need plug-ins (however can use BarcodeMBS and DynaPDFMBS), tested from RealStudio 2011r4 to Xojo 2015r24. Cocoa framework on MacOS is required. You need a registration code which is obtained (for free or open-source projects) by sending an email to lbmonsalve at, otherwise works in DEMO mode.

Getting started





Many people helped me in this project: Rodrigo Erazo, Carlos Hernán Muñoz, Andy Marshman, Wayne Golding, Peter Fargo, Andre Kuiper, Rolf Genster (German corrections), the rhCharts guy, Alwaysbusy's corner (gradient and other stuff), and all of request a demo.