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Used for setting third-party products.

Module constants

Name Type Notes
kBarcodeEngine String Set to “MBSBarcode” to use plugin, default= “Simbarcodes”
kRenderEngineExcel String Not used
kRenderEnginePDF String Set to “MBSDynaPDF” to use plugin, default= “DBReportPDF”
kzlibPath String Set the path for zlib shared library.


If you use MBSBarcode plugin, You can delete the Simbarcodes file.

To use MBSDynaPDF plugin:

  1. Change DBReportShared.kRenderEnginePDF constant to "MBSDynaPDF".
  2. Add next code after SetLicense, ie:
Dim pdf As New DynaPDFMBS // your code
pdf.SetLicenseKey "Starter" // your code
' set other pdf options like AddFontSearchPath
' add this code 
DBReport.PDFObj= pdf // to reuse this object 
' JUST IF YOU NEED CHANGE default options, add next code: 
'DBReport.PDFOptions.Value("Codepage")= DynaPDFMBS.kcpUnicode // change codepage 
'DBReport.PDFOptions.Value("EmbedFonts")= False // not embed fonts

You can delete DBReportPDF* files and zlib1.dll from the project.